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2015 Blackhorse Reunion

Nearly 300 association members and family attended the 2015 Blackhorse Reunion in Las Vegas; it was a resounding success. The attendees included five regimental commanders and five regimental command sergeants major. The Venetian Hotel and Casino was a magnificent venue, and Gus Flangas masterfully coordinated the entire event. Highlights included:
  • A wonderful 2nd Annual Top Phillips/Trip Lemire motorcycle ride with 14 riders.
  • The First Ernie Ford Memorial Golf Tournament.
  • A hugely popular Thursday night social at Gus's church.
  • A memorable trip to Fort Irwin on Friday where the Regiment heartily welcomed us with a red carpet that brought tears to several eyes.
  • A casual and relaxing Friday evening short program with lots of time to meet with old friends and make new ones.
  • A successful business/membership meeting.
  • An excellent memorial service conducted by our new Chaplain Kirk Murray.
The highlight of the meeting was, as usual, a superb banquet on Saturday night that featured a first-class buffet. Colonel Kevin Jacobi, the 66th Colonel of the Regiment, presented the annual "State of the Regiment Update" and then inducted seven new Blackhorse veterans into the Honorary Rolls of the Regiment:
  • Command Sergeant Major (ret.) Leonard Cooper
  • Lieutenant Colonel (ret.) Crystal Kruger
  • Sergeant Major (ret.) Ernie Ford (posthumously)
  • Lieutenant Colonel (ret.) Ron Miranda (posthumously)
  • Master Sergeant (ret.) Terry J. Sperry (posthumously)
  • Colonel (ret.) Robert Hurt
  • Ambassador Kingdon Gould (He served in the 11th Cavalry Group in World War II, where he received a battlefield commission.)
  • Colonel Jacobi also designated Mrs. Joanne Patton a "Lady of the Regiment".
We announced the 15 new recipients of Blackhorse Association Scholarships, including our first 6 "named" scholarships. (We will now "name" a scholarship for the person or Foundation that funds an entire $3000 scholarship.)

The Blackhorse Store sold several thousand dollars worth of clothing and memorabilia, and in a fitting and well-deserved twist of irony, Gus Flangas won the cavalry pistol raffle.

Scroll down to see some wonderful photos from the Reunion. All photos were taken by CSM Martin.

2015 Reunion Gallery

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