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Our New Memorial at Fort Benning

On a hot and sultry morning along Fort Benning Road, just outside a main gate to Fort Benning and adjacent to the new Pattons' Park and the National Infantry Museum, several hundred Blackhorse veterans of all eras gathered to dedicate and unveil our new memorial. MG Austin Miller, the Commanding General of the Maneuver Center of Excellence headed up a large contingent of local dignitaries. CSM Carl Ashmead, the current RCSM of the active regiment at Fort Irwin, was there to help with the unveiling.

The centerpiece obelisk is a rock which was quarried in Vietnam and brought back to Fort Knox carrying the names of our KIA. Over time it has been enhanced with other obelisks to memorialize our KIA from our other conflicts.

It is now a memorial for all of our eras of service. First of its kind. A benchmark for all other armor and cavalry regiments to try and emulate. A place where Blackhorse Troopers of all eras can connect with their past and their future (the new Home of Armor). A fitting memorial to the Blackhorse Troopers who have paid the ultimate sacrifice since 1901. A place to take your family and say: "This is who I am. I was part of the Eleventh United States Cavalry, the one and only Blackhorse Regiment."

We invite everyone to go see the memorial at Fort Benning, and we believe you will be very proud of the final product. Our memorial has the names of all Blackhorse troopers who died in combat while in service to our regiment. It also has nearly 1600 granite pavers donated by hundreds of contributors who helped create it.

Memorial Dedication Gallery

August 20, 2015 Fort Benning, Georgia

IMG_8918 IMG_8920 IMG_8919 IMG_8963 IMG_8953 IMG_8926 IMG_8961 IMG_8956 IMG_8957 IMG_8934 IMG_8937 IMG_8944 lightbox gallery download by v5.9m

Earlier Photos:

Building the Memorial

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Construction Begins

The photos below show the excavation of the site and concrete work. Also included are photos of cutting the stone from the quarry then polishing; applying the insignias and finally the three new bronze plaques.

April 21, 2015 (1) April 21, 2015 (2) April 21, 2015 (4) April 21, 2015 (5) April 23, 2015 (6) April 24, 2015 (2) April 30, 2015 (1) April 30, 2015 (10) April 30, 2015 (4) Blackhorse Insignia (2) Blackhorse Insignia - 1 Blackhorse Insignia - 2 Blackhorse Insignia - 3 Blackhorse Insignia - 4 Blackhorse Insignia - 5 Blackhorse Insignia - 6 Stone Fabrication - 1 Stone Fabrication - 2 Stone Fabrication - 3 Stone Fabrication - 4 Stone Fabrication - 5 Stone Fabrication - 6 Unit Crest - 1 Unit Crest - 10 Unit Crest - 11 Unit Crest - 2 Unit Crest - 3 Unit Crest - 4 Unit Crest - 5 Unit Crest - 6 Unit Crest - 7 Unit Crest - 8 Unit Crest - 9 lightbox gallery download by v5.9m