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Blackhorse Association Special Edition: Blackhorse Classroom

Posted 05/02/2016

Patton Hall at the Armor School
Through the generous donations from members of the Blackhorse Association, we recently decorated the walls of the new Blackhorse Classroom in Patton Hall at the new Armor School at Fort Benning. We want to thank all of you who donated items for the walls. We owe special thanks to all who helped with this project:
  • Jim Tankovich, who collected several prints and other items donated by many of you.
  • Don Snedeker, our historian, who came up with wonderful storyboards to help us think through the many periods in our glorious history that we glamorized on those walls.
  • Gary Galloway and Bruce Gobel, who helped brainstorm the organization of the items in the classroom.
  • Rocky Kmiecik and his wife Sabine, for doing the legwork to include framing, printing, storing the items, and hanging the items at in the classroom.
  • George Desario, a Blackhorse vet who was the Command Sergeant Major of the Armor School and Center at Fort Knox, and who is now the senior civilian and our main contact at The Armor School.
  • MAJ Bob Underwood, a Blackhorse veteran who is our contact at the School Brigade.
  • John T. Penman, Curator of the Blackhorse Museum in Fort Irwin, who helped to fill in many of our gaps.
We urge all of you who visit Fort Benning to see our new memorial there in Pattons' Park, which is not far from the new and impressive National Infantry Museum. Then please take the time to visit Patton Hall to see the Blackhorse Classroom.

Please check out the videos and photos below of our new Blackhorse Classroom.