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Eleventh Cavalry from the Roer to the Elbe, 1944-1945

Medal of Honor Recipients

Fiddler’s Green

Our Fallen Brothers from Operation Iraqi Freedom

11th Armored Cavalry Regiment History

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Commanders of the 11th Cavalry 1901 to 1941


Enjoy these featured videos from around the web.

Iraq War OIFIII 11th Armored Cavalry (Blackhorse).
More info here.

Operation Iraqi Freedom III 11th Armored Cavalry Regiment.
More info here.

Click here watch a video about the 11th ACR at
Camp Luckett (near the Mexican border) in 1941.
Please go to 12:04 mark for the information on Blackhorse.

11th ACR historical overview.

Trailer for 11th Armored Cavalry Regiment Documentary

Iraq War OIFIII 11th Armored Cavalry

A Year in Iraq - E TRP, TF 2-11 ACR

Department of Defense film from 1969.

From the broadcast vault (1984), this is Specialist Floyd Vasquez reports on the reaction force at Observation Post Alpha (OP Alpha), a Cold War observation post between Rasdorf, Hesse, West Germany and Geisa, Thuringia, East Germany. The post overlooked the Fulda Gap, a prime invasion route during the Cold War.

Remembering the Iron Curtain

Twenty years later, the Cold War is in the distant past for most. But it's a vivid memory for a former Captain for the Black Horse regiment. He takes reporter Roman Kessler on a tour of a fort at the Iron Curtain.